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introducing all-natural pain relieving ointment made with the love of a mother

real herbs, real results

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created by a mother for her daughter's sensitive skin. now available for everybody

mata balm

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inhale the power of plants to breathe easy this summer

mata herbal inhaler

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add an exotic experience to your natural stores, drugstores or spas

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What makes it green is all the herbs we put in

real herbs with real healing qualities

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Who We Are

We are a professional and reliable company that has been praised by numerous organizations, for our amazing healing remedies, which are crafted using natural ingredients that come straight from the Earth. Mata produces an assortment of products that assist with soothing the body in an organic manner. Our items have been featured in a number of prominent places, such as Home Shopping Marketplace, Skin Inc. and The Hook magazine. In January of 2019, our balm was selected to be a part of American Spa’s Fresh Finds Beauty Box, which was distributed to hundreds of different spas and wellness centers around the country. Due to this, we have established ourselves as the leading provider of natural products that repair health in the body, mind, and soul. We offer a diverse range of high-quality miracle products, such as a luxurious soothing balm, an herbal inhaler, and all natural soaps, each being made with herbal bases delivered by Mother Nature.

How Mata Started

The name Mata is derived from the ancient Sanskrit word for mother. Based on the principles of motherly love and care, the origins of Mata can be attributed to the work of my mother back in our home of Thailand. She was a certified practitioner of traditional Thai medicine: a field that used natural remedies from the Earth to heal and repair the body. She was a master at crafting spectacular products, that blended different herbal ingredients, to effectively enhance their beneficial properties. These amazing things that she created were developed by her to help me. When my sensitive skin would get irritated, or itchy from the bite of a pesky mosquito, my mother was always there to whip up something miraculous with fresh ingredients straight from our home garden. They always worked wonderfully, and soon word got around to our family, friends, and neighbors on our small island of Koh Samui. Eventually the interest grew so large, that she decided to start her own business, selling the products all over Thailand to anyone who wanted them.

How Mata came to the USA

Years ago, I moved from Thailand to New York City. In the city, everything moves so fast. I was constantly staying active, to get to work, school, or any other destination that was part of my busy day! This hustle and bustle of city life had a major impact on my muscles and would always make them sore after a long day. I looked endlessly to try and find a product that would solve the problem of my poor aching legs. Tons of websites and companies advertised that their product could help, which led me to try a multitude of items that just wouldn’t work, or were comprised of harmful chemicals that were destructive to my body. None of these were on the same level of excellence as the soothing balm that my mother had lovingly cultivated for me in Thailand. I saw the need to share her exceptional creation with others and allow them to finally have an organic solution to a problem that was all too common. This is what inspired me to bring Mata amazing products to the United States. Customers all over the country have now been able to take advantage of our repairing balm and other healing products, to transform their lives, and bring their suffering to an end. There is truly no product out there that can match Mata in terms of quality of ingredients and results.

Am S. Bouton Founder of Mata USA and Mata team


What our customers have to say


I'm obsessed. Decided to rub it on my sprained ankle, then my aching neck, then my hurting wrists, then my overworked forearms. I'm literally sitting here in pure comfort and relief. From the soothing scent to the very intense muscle therapy, I'm hooked within 15 minutes. I love the texture and the slip, and the very quick absorption. I work in a spa as a Master Esthetician, I my fellow therapists and massage therapist would love this balm. Really really nice, long lasting therapeutic balm. Did i mention I'm obsessed!! Ill be spreading the word for sure.


After heavy workout, I iced down my sore shoulder, then applied Mata Balm. Very soothing and effective. Great product.


"Nothing better for insect bites or aches and pains. I always keep a jar handy!" 


I love this inhaler!! Clears my nose and sinuses immediately and smells so great at the same time!


I love the inhaler and my clients love the inhaler. My youngest client is 6 years old and suffers from headaches and it helps keep his sinuses clear and moist.


Where we have been in the media

Home Shopping Marketplace, National TV, Spring 2019

SKIN INC. Magazine, April 2019 issue


American Spa Magazine, January 2019