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an herbal muscle rub for your muscle aches, pains and skin irritations

mata balm

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We bring the magic of Thai massage to you in a jar.

mata balm

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inhale the power of plants to breathe easy this spring

mata herbal inhaler

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best sellers at natural stores, drugstores or spas

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Feel the healing power of plants

real herbs with real healing qualities

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Mata Massage and Skin Healing Balm, Herbal Muscle Rub $ 25 15 reviews
Natural Herbal Inhaler for Nasal Congestion $ 10 12 reviews
Mata Wellness Gift Set

$ 3.00

Mata Wellness Gift Set $ 35 5 reviews
Mata Natural Lip and Cuticle Balm, 100% Chemical Free $ 9 1 review
Turmeric Tamarind Soap $ 14
Mata Natural Shower Steamer with Finest Essential Oils $ 35
Mata Natural Mosquito Repellent Spray with Citronella Oil $ 12
Charcoal Coconut Milk Soap $ 12 1 review
Aloe Vera Soap $ 12
Virgin Olive Oil Soap for kids $ 18
Turmeric Honey Soap


Turmeric Honey Soap $ 14 1 review
Moringa Citronella Soap $ 12 1 review

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Who We Are

Mata is, in essence, a dedication to your health. I have worked hard to establish Mata as the leading provider of all-natural products designed to repair and reinvigorate the body, mind, and soul. Through Mata’s diverse range of high-quality, miracle-like products like soothing balms, herbal inhalers, and all-natural soaps, I focus my energy on bringing the best of Mother Nature to you.

Am Saniorn Bouton

Owner of Amata LLC (Mata USA)


What our customers have to say


I'm obsessed. I decided to rub it on my sprained ankle, then my aching neck, then my hurting wrists, then my overworked forearms. I'm literally sitting here in pure comfort and relief. From the soothing scent to the very intense muscle therapy, I'm hooked within 15 minutes. I love the texture, the slip, and the very quick absorption. I work in a spa as a master esthetician, and my fellow therapists and massage therapists would love this balm. really nice, long-lasting therapeutic balm. Did i mention I'm obsessed? I'll be spreading the word for sure.


After heavy workout, I iced down my sore shoulder, then applied Mata Balm. Very soothing and effective. Great product.


"Nothing better for insect bites or aches and pains. I always keep a jar handy! 


I love this inhaler!! Clears my nose and sinuses immediately and smells so great at the same time!


I love the inhaler and my clients love the inhaler. My youngest client is 6 years old and suffers from headaches and it helps keep his sinuses clear and moist.


Where we have been in the media

Home Shopping Marketplace, National TV, Spring 2019

SKIN INC. Magazine, April 2019 issue

SKIN INC. Magazine, April 2019 issue


American Spa Magazine, January 2019

American Spa Magazine, January 2019
American Spa Magazine, January 2019