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What people say about Mata

"I love this balm; such a great product! I rub it on my aching neck after a hard day, and when I wake up in the morning, the pain is gone 😀 Thank you, Mata 👍🏻" Shama L. (Facebook)

"Nothing is better for insect bites or aches and pains. I always keep a jar handy." Barbara B. (Facebook)

"I love Mata Balm! I’m a college professor and have to stand for long hours at a time, so I always have pain in my legs and lower back. I found Mata Balm online and tried it, it healed them wonderfully! Thank you, Mata Balm! ❤️" Sasii K. (Facebook) 

"The other day I woke up with a really sore elbow, and I immediately grabbed my Mata Balm, All Natural Herbal Healing Ointment, rubbed a small amount in, and waited for the magic to start working. In 5 minutes, I could feel my elbow pain start to lessen, and in 10 minutes, all I felt was the amazing cooling sensation from the Camphor and Menthol with no pain in sight!! I was so completely amazed at how quickly this magic ointment worked." Candacedyoung (Instagram) 

"This is an amazing product! We have used it for years; it is a miracle cure for itching insect bites, eczema, and other skin irritations. I can't recommend it more highly." Marshall B. (Amazon)

"I bought one of these and had it shipped to an Auntie. She described how soothing it smelled and how she liked to inhale it to relax. Hmm -- I wanted one, too! This is great. It comes in a small container that will be easy to carry around. Let me try to describe the inhalation: a refreshing, cleansing, awakening - yet subtle, smell of exotic cloves and menthol. Cleared my nasal congestion. I really, really, like it and understand my Auntie's sensation for relaxation. Very worth buying. A good little investment in health!" Anonymous (Etsy)