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Where we were, are and will be

Home Shopping Marketplace, National TV, Spring 2019

Mata is so excited to be on national TV! We were selected to be one of a few products to be featured on Home Shopping Marketplace this Spring. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see behind the scenes!

SKIN INC. Magazine, April 2019 issue

Where we were, are and will be

American Spa Magazine, January 2019

Mata massage balm was selected to be included in American Spa Magazine’s January 2019 Beauty Box. They were sent out to 1,200 spa, health and wellness professionals nationwide. Click the photo the see more info on

American Spa Magazine, January 2019

Several “Unboxing” the Beauty Box in multiple channels;
Live Love Spa’s video of “What’s In The Box?”

American Spa’s article about the unboxing video from Live Love Spa.

Lipgloss + Aftershave’s Fresh Finds Beauty Box Reveal

Instagram post by Lipgloss + Aftershave. Click on the photo the see the actual post.

New York Fashion Week, NYC. September 2018

Mata massage balm was seen by the runway! We were proud to be included in VIP gift bags for high-profile fashion professionals at Thunyatorn NG's fashion show last fall.

5th Samakkee Summit 2018, San Diego, October 2018

Mata was one of the sponsors at an annual summit, held by Thai & Southeast Asian Association of California, Royal Thai Consulate and America’s Thai Chamber of Commerce. Mata massage balms were handed out to all the attendees who are spa owners, massage therapists, and various other professionals.